• Is Wilbat Private College a Registered college?
Yes, you are welcome to view our “Registration and Accreditation” details on the bottom of the home page.
  • What paperwork do I need to register as a private student with Wilbat Private College?
You will need to hand in a copy of your Identity Document; Highest qualification (Highest standard passed)
  • What subjects will I need to enter a course with Wilbat Private College?
You will need to speak to one of Wilbat assessor’s to establish entrance requirements.
  • What Trade options do you offer in terms of Private training?
We mainly focus on the Boiler-making and Welding Trades for Private students.
  • How long is your course/s or training programmes?
Wilbat Private College offers a wide variety of courses structured to suite any type of training need. All of these run at different durations…you can view these courses on the web page “Courses”.
  • Does Wilbat Private College offer career guidance?
Yes! Wilbat prefers to offer this type of guidance prior to a student enrolling with our college as this gives us an indication as to what course or training programme best suits their needs or getting a student to his trade test.
  • Can Wilbat Private College offer me an Apprenticeship or Learnership?
Wilbat Private College does participate in Apprenticeship and learnership training offered by various Setas; however any student wanting to participate in any of these Seta accredited training programmes will need to be linked to a Company/Employer that is willing to participate in the training.
  • What types of Apprenticeships do you offer?
These are listed in the Accreditation section on the website’s Home Page.