This programme is designed to introduce learners into the Welding industry with the acquired knowledge and skills of Practical training. Successful learners are able to demonstrate specialized techniques related to this specific trade.

Type of Programme

  • Full Time
  • Part Time

Full Time Description

Full Time training requires a learner to attend training on a daily basis (Monday – Friday) for the full duration of the program, participate in training from Levels 1 to Level 4, covering all the modules offered in the Institutional training program.

Part Time Description

A learner selects /chooses to do one Level at a time. Training is carried out on a daily basis (Monday – Friday) for the duration of that specific level. NB: Entry into a specific level depends on the availability of a full class and the dates at which a full time program is running.

Training Times

7:00 – 15:30


MERSETA -As per Skills Programme

Entry Requirements: Grade 9

Duration: 100 Days

Modules (Covered as part of Theoretical and Practical Training component)


P.O. BOX 21745